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In 2003 on May 24, decide to be in Chinese Guangdong province the Zhongshan City register to establish the Golden Sun enterprise- limited company, standing together namely the set sets up to raise to set up set, proceed to choose the address , advertise for grounds.
In 2003 on June 1, prepare and plan of a practical work for preparing and plan the meeting to convoke in Shenzhen, proceeding the personnel arrangement etc. affairs.
In 2003 on July 12, Building construction began.
In 2004 April 6 to 8, Japan, the businessman of the United States two business for 12 person-times successively coming company investigating, and with a square reaching long-term offering newly constructing reuniting materials agreement, return from now on the extensive cooperation problem proceeded the thorough study.
In 2004 on May 1, it is solemn and impressive to start practice, the formal hurl produces. From now on, the Chinese aluminum industry field increases the new member in business enterprise in a foreign capital again. Our company will build the new image in ourselves with all new product, all new mode, founding the new literary piece in history!


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